Envision the militaries of the world uniting to serve the planet.

Jim Channon, Photo By Wendy Wagner

Jeff Bridges, Photo By Laura Macgruder       

Jim Channon was selected as one of Ode Magazine’s 25 Intelligent Optimists –  nominated and endorsed by actor Jeff Bridges. 

Read this issue to learn more about Channon’s plan to mobilize the military to clean up the planet.


The Men Who Stare at Goats is a major motion picture staring George Clooney, Jeff Bridges, Ewan McGregor and Kevin Spacey.  The satire is based on Jon Ronson’s best-seller of the same title. Much of the book and film were inspired by Jim Channon's First Earth Battalion.

The DVD has an exclusive12 minute featurette: "Goats Declassified: The Real Men of the First Earth Battalion" which testifies to the film's factual basis.  Interviews include Jim Channon, Jon Ronson, John Alexander, Guy Savelli and other members of the First Earth Battalion who share their experiences as psychic spies.

Explore this website to learn the real story and history behind the First Earth Battalion and the military mavericks who dared to dream.

Go Planet is Jim Channon’s most recent book, a brilliant visionary blueprint of what the next 100 years of human evolution will bring about. Inspired and loaded with human potential, it delivers a strategic model for the smooth transition of humanity into the world of 2012 and beyond.

212 pages with

original artwork.


In 1978, Lieutenant Colonel Jim Channon  announced that he worked for the planet. 

    While at the Army War College in Carlisle Barracks, Channon spent two years researching the value of the human potential movement. He created a proto-mythology for the soldier of the future known as The First Earth Battalion. These warrior monks would dedicate their allegiance, first and foremost, to people and planet.

Evolutionary Tactics is the First Earth Battalion’s field manual.  As seen in the movie The Men Who Stare at Goats, the manual was created by Jim Channon for the U.S. Army and first published in 1978. It illustrates high performance concepts and evolutionary ideas. Originally passed on officer-to-officer via photocopy, it has since become something of a collector’s item.

Now you can obtain a rare copy of this manual. Its 150 pages are filled with curious artistic renderings, cartoons, and out-of-the-ordinary ideas.  Over 10,000 copies have been downloaded from the web.


“Life on planet earth is still a frontier of possibility,” writes Jim Channon in Super Consciousness Magazine.  “Every person should ask their inner soul to remind them of the specific service they came to provide. When we focus on the work of living creatively together and re-imagine the world in love and at play, our creative IQ and our contribution increase.” 
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No more Status Woe!



master vision-maker 

Jim Channon’s new “grockumentary”

    After thirty five years of scouting for the most positive ideas for our future, and talking with over two thousand global super stars, a path to the future -- where everyone plays an integral role -- has emerged. We begin our move into the future as a unified global civilization led handily by our new webocracy, global villages, and global visions.  We have arrived at a time when the unwanted ways of old world bureaucracies cannot lead any longer.

Join Futurist Jim Channon in creating the final cut of MISSION PARADISE.  This film is meant to be an interactive teaching tool.  We are seeking assistance with animation, editing, and funding. 

To become involved, and for 501 c3 tax-free donations call:  1(808) 339-2432.  Go Planet!

"This guy is way ahead of the rest and heir to Buckminster Fuller."

-Jean Houston, Senior Advisor, United Nations